Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Insta Snow, Insta Success!

Hello. I’m Loretta Ehrhart, Director of Product Development for Discount School Supply. Although developing new products is my passion, I have a lot of fun with the products we already have. Here’s an example:

Who needs lampshades? “Instant snow” can be the hit of your next party! Recently my son Rainier was invited to a friend's 5th birthday party. His mom asked me if I could bring an activity for the kids to do. "Of course," I said. "I work for Discount School Supply!"

So, I purchased lots of Insta-Snow™, clear plastic party cups a>and some tropical colors of Liquid Watercolor™ I put Rainier's sand and water table and the other goodies in the back of the truck, arrived early to set up, and the rest is birthday party history!

The party guests got to choose a color and mix their own snow. Their eyes grew wide with wonder as they watched the snow magically puff up when mixed with colored water. Insta-Snow™ is already cool, but colored snow is really something altogether amazing – especially for children who rarely get to see any snow at all. There was actually a line at the table, and kids were mixing snow and then getting right back in line to try another color.

Soon the sand and water table was filled with tropical-colored snow drifts. When all the snow had been mixed, the children kept returning to the table to run their hands through the cool, wet, yet dry-feeling snow.

Lots of parents asked questions about the product and I got to tell them all to check out the Discount School Supply Web site! I know that teachers love it for their classrooms, too. And as for Rainier and me, we are getting to be pretty popular party guests.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Picture Perfect Quilt

My name is Genie Thompson, and I am proud to be the Director of Field Sales at Discount School Supply. I am a former teacher and have enjoyed the business/sales side of education for 23 years. In addition to interacting with my very fine educational sales team, I also have a chance to meet with customers in their schools and at conferences. The excitement in teachers’ eyes when they decoupage a photo book with leopard and zebra paper using hot pink glitter glue or wear one-of-a-kind coffee filter hats painted with Tropical Liquid Watercolor is priceless.

Our company encourages play as do our open-ended products. At our sales meeting we asked everyone to bring a picture, and we created a “picture perfect quilt” of the sales team. The squares were decorated by each of us using stampers, markers, paints, and a variety of crafts so that each one was unique. Here is our result and, of course, we sell all the products used to create this masterpiece.

We would love to see you at conferences. Please write to let me know where you live, and I will send you any scheduled exhibits and workshops we will be attending in your area. We will help to bring out the artist in you!