Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Better Understanding Of Our Clients' Needs...

My name is Shirley Daniel and I have worked for Discount School Supply for over 10 years. I currently work in the Inside Sales Department. In my position as Account Manager I work closely with my customers, getting a better understanding of their centers, programs, preschools and schools - and their unique needs - while working to supply them with the best quality products at the best pricing possible. While this is my job, this close one-on-one exchange results in something much more - the development of great relationships with my customers.

Having formerly worked in the ECE world, we can share stories of our experiences and I can certainly relate to their wonderful, creative, demanding and very rewarding daily environment. The end result of this exchange is an enjoyable experience for both of us. My customers know that they can trust me to respond quickly and efficiently to their inquiries and that I will always do my best to fulfill their requests and handle any issues that arise. My background in Merchandising for the Discount School Supply catalog – and hands-on experience with many of our products – enables me to better provide them with insight into some of our products’ features and benefits.

This relationship with my Discount School Supply customers also encourages them to communicate their experiences with our products and they love to pass along suggestions for new product development. We love to send those great ideas along to our buyers and Product Development group. We are listening – so please keep those ideas coming!

Since so much of the preschool environment revolves around music, some of my favorite products are the musical activity sets. In response to the need for more ‘get up and get moving’ products, Discount School Supply offers several exclusive sets for creative movement. One of my favorites is the Music and Movement Set with rhythm sticks, bean bags and streamers plus 2 CDs, all packed in a handy plastic bin. We also carry the Bean Bag Rock 'N' Move Set, a Musical Scarves Movement Set and even a Parachute Movement Set – all of which include activity CDs. You’ll find great value – and LOTS of fun – packed inside the plastic storage bin of our exclusive
Chunky Rhythm Stick Set
which includes 12 pairs of rhythm sticks with a CD plus our own instructional guide containing a variety of activities. With all of these great music sets, there is a need for a storage solution and we have a product that is custom-made for that. Our Discount School Supply exclusive Angeles® One Stop Music Media Cart – with its shelves, bins, adjustable vertical storage, and 3 side cubbies – is perfect for storing all of those multi-piece activity sets, rhythm band instruments, videos, DVDs, CDs, big books, plus there is also space on top for CD players and a handy rod for storing headphones – and it’s caster-mounted for easy mobility in the classroom.

It’s great to know that Discount School Supply is adding music and movement (plus storage solutions) to your active, creative classrooms.