Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our New Brand Excellerations™ Launches for 2013!

We are so proud to introduce the Excellerations™ brand of classroom products! We’re the lucky folks who get to write this exciting blog post as two in a cast of many players involved in developing, designing, and delivering our newest brand: Excellerations™! We’re Loretta Ehrhart and Cory Smith, members of Discount School Supply’s fine product development team.

Developing this brand was a long and exciting process that started over two years ago. With Excellerations™ we researched and developed creative new product solutions for math, science, language, dramatic play, active play and more. We listened to parents and teachers and improved on classroom favorites you have loved for years. As always, we bring them to you priced right for your budget!

Excellerations™ joins Colorations® and BioColor® in a growing brand family – all available exclusively from Discount School Supply®. Look for the Excellerations™ logo next to products throughout our new catalog. When you find one, you will know you can trust that product’s high quality and great value, just as you do with our other brands.
Like our other brands, we work to make Excellerations™ product embody our 4-point checklist before earning this brand name. Those four measures are:

1. Designed to Inspire Children to Excel! Excellerations™ products must be creative and innovative. Each item must be visually exciting and offer a hands-on tactile appeal.

2. High-Quality! Inspired ideas should also be durable enough to last a long time, so each Excellerations™ product is manufactured and designed to incite discovery and survive safe daily use in your classroom.

3. A Good Value! Excellerations™ is a line of high quality products at affordable prices with value-added extras to stretch your dollars. Helpful teacher’s guides highlight the versatility of our products and list the standards they address. Their clear instructions and extended enrichment activities have been written by education experts just like you!

4. Convenience! Often overlooked by so many classroom product manufacturers (who rely on teachers’ creative use of shoeboxes), our products are organized and packaged in reusable bags or plastic bins, or arrive to you in sturdy storage boxes. Plus, we clearly define the recommended ages and grades for all of our products, both in the catalog, on the web and on the package.

Seaking of packaging, every great product idea needs to be packaged just right to make a strong and lasting statement. Anyone on the Excellerations™ brand development team will tell you that watching our Art Director present dozens of creative logo and packaging ideas week after week was an enjoyable part of the process for us. In the end the ‘futuristic teacher pointing to floating orbs of knowledge’ logo design was selected. We sure hope you like it too!

It was so touching when we sent the new logo out to all of our manufacturing partners across the globe, and we received some very special replies. One colleague overseas wrote back, “Your logo character is so loveable! We wish it much good luck for many years!”

Thanks for reading this blog entry. If you visit right now you can view our entire line of Excellerations™ brand products all together in one place. Our purchasing department has done such a great job coordinating product delivery that we expect to launch well over 100 Excellerations™ products in January! Keep checking back every so often to see our new brand expand!

When you have a choice, please choose Excellerations™ products with the adorable ‘futuristic teacher’ logo and join Discount School Supply® in inspiring children to excel!