Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough Boat Races - Perfect for Summer Campers

My name is Adriane Simmons, and I am the NY Account Manager for Discount School Supply. I am also a NYS Certified Art Teacher, and I always use Discount School Supply Colorations® Art Products when I conduct Art Workshops for Early Childhood Associations and Schools.

I love creating and playing with Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough (FOAMMIX). It has such a nice texture…its not too hard or soft. It is just right. Also, it isn’t too sticky or gooey…I don't like a product that sticks to my hands so that I cannot easily remove it. Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough comes in such upbeat colors…I LOVE the bright pink, blue, and orange.
Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough is great for open-ended art projects. An activitiy I like to conduct with children is teaching them about abstract art. I explain a little bit about the definition of abstract art, about artists who create abstract paintings and sculptures, and I show examples of abstract art. Afterward, the children get to create their own free-form abstract sculptures with the Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough. You can also incorporate found objects, such as buttons, rhinestones, feathers, and mosaic pieces into this sculpture. The kids have a great time creating their work of art.

Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough is an especially wonderful product to use at summer camps. For one project, all you need is Foam Dough, Paper Fans (FANS), Medals (MEDALS), and a variety of art products to decorate the fans and medals. First, have the campers decorate both the fans and medals. Since the Foam Dough floats, you can have the children create fantasy boats. Once their boats are completed, fill up a water table, or use a kiddie pool, and the children can have boat races. If there is no wind, the campers can use their paper fans to sail their boats across the pool. When the race is over, the winner gets a medal! You can split the children up in teams, or they can race individually. However you conduct this activity, it will be fun for all!

Check out this video for more information about Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough! You'll see just how fun it is!