Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decorate Your Own Duffel Bags!

My name is Lydia Wilson and I work in the Sales Department as the Bid Manager for Discount School Supply in Monterey, California. I am always excited to hear from customers who love our products and even more excited when someone in my immediate circle of friends and family loves DSS products.

I recently purchased some Fluorescent BioColor® paints (FBIO16), Colorations® Fabric Markers (FABCLR) and the Canvas Duffel Bags (DUFFEL) for my niece, Denise. She recently joined the color guard at her school and used the duffel bags I sent her to design a bag for each girl on her team.
Denise and her best friend, Krista, wrote me to say thank you but I also wanted to share their comments with you about our products in their own words. “Krista and I really liked using the paints. They worked very well and are easy to use. The fabric markers were awesome because they really show up in the design and don’t bleed all over. Without the markers, our bags wouldn’t be as cool as they are now. Here is an example of the awesome fabric marker/paint combo. We used the bags you sent us and made a two-sided design adding our own flair.” Denise said that the bag is the perfect size to put a few needed things in when they travel for color guard competitions.

I hope that you will take the time and view our website at www.DiscountSchoolSupply.com to see all the great products we offer and our great prices.