Friday, September 18, 2009

Practicing Good Health Habits - Tips from Discount School Supply

Hi. I’m Caron Pearce, Director of Human Resources for Discount School Supply. Part of my job is to provide support and information to our employees. Recently, I have been very focused on keeping our staff informed about the availability of regular flu vaccine this year and also about the new vaccine for the H1N1 Virus or Swine Flu. Our company traditionally provides flu shots for the staff each fall. This year we will provide the H1N1 vaccine as well when it becomes available. I hope that all of you are contacting your doctors, hospitals or local health authorities to get information about inoculation programs in your area.

We are also paying special attention to keeping hands and surfaces clean. We have made more disinfectant soap and wipes available to the staff in the office at Discount School Supply. That’s easy to do and it helps to keep good health habits top-of-mind.

In addition, we have made a list of all the products we offer that can be used to create a cleaner environment. Some of them promote more hand-washing by teachers and children. Some of them encourage better hygiene by using disposable covers or sheets. I include the list here for your convenience. You can find information about these items in the Discount School Supply catalog or online at Discount School Supply.

Of course, I must stress that none of these products will eliminate the risk of flu, but one useful step we can all take is to become very aware of keeping communal areas clean and to wash our hands frequently.

Hand and Face Wipes
Germ X Hand Sanitizer

One-inch Rest Mat
Two-inch Rest Mat
Toddler Cot Sheets

Latex Gloves set of 100
Germ Free Baby Changer
Germ Free Changing Pad
Changing Table with Sink

Changing Table Paper Roll
Kiddie Station Diaper Changer with Portable Sink
1 ounce Steramine Quaternary Sanitizer – 100 Count
Pureworks Surface Spray
Pureworks Liquid Soap

Pureworks Foam Sanitizer

For Hands-Free Portable Sink Usage:
Premier Portable Adult Sink from Ozark River
Preschool Portable Sink from Ozark River

Thank you for being a Discount School Supply customer and for letting us be of service to you, your staff and the children and families in your program.

Get the Most for Your Money From Discount School Supply

Hello, my name is Calista White. I am a member of the Inside Sales team here at Discount School Supply. One of my favorite things about my job is getting to know customers and helping them to make the most of their money. In my three years with Discount School Supply, I have met many dedicated teachers, directors, and child care coordinators.

As a sales representative, I get to talk to people every day. As I work with a customer through a new center opening or a back-to-school order, we get to know each other a little bit. We talk about our families, pets, vacation plans, etc. I firmly believe that developing this kind of relationship with our customers helps us do the best possible job we can for them. Plus, it’s good fun.

Helping all of these wonderful men and women who teach today’s children gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I may not be directly in the classroom, but I can assist each teacher to get the right supplies necessary at the best price possible. I can help them stretch those dollars. I love knowing that our customers are pleased with our service, pricing, and products. It means they keep coming back to Discount School Supply when they have a need, whether it is for wiggly eyes or paint or shelving units or changing tables.

Working at Discount School Supply gives me what I call the “warm fuzzies.” It’s that bubbly feeling I get when I know our customers love Discount School Supply. I am glad to be able to share a little of my experiences as a sales representative and I hope to continue developing relationships with such splendid people for quite a few more years to come!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Penguin Play

Hi, my name is Deborah Hill. I am a Senior Buyer at Discount School Supply. As I tell the folks around here, “It’s all about the product!” So, I’d like to share with you the thought process I went through that led to the development of one of my favorite items.

I loved stuffed animals as a child, and I piled them high on my bed. In particular, I have been a penguin fan since I was very young. In the case of my stuffed penguins, they were lined up in a neat row closest to the pillows…much like the way they march along in real life. As an adult I have traveled to penguin sanctuaries. On the warm coasts of South America, they waddle just inches from your feet, going back and forth to the ocean shore in their lifelong pairings. In the arctic coves of Antarctica, you view them with binoculars from pontoons in frigid waters. Sometimes they frolic with the pontoons. In either location, they are captivating.

So, as you can imagine, the opportunity to develop a penguin-related item was close to my heart. In case you haven’t seen our Penguin Domino Play Set yet, please take a look. The set includes wood penguins, and they come equipped with icebergs and a glacier. There are 47 pieces in the hand-painted set. In first thinking about the product, I wanted to make something that combined the cause-and-effect learning of a domino race with the dramatic play value that would keep the students engaged along the way. You wouldn’t know it to see them now, but it took quite a few rounds of samples to get the penguins’ rotund little bodies just right so they will stand upright for play but will also topple easily for maximum impact during the race. The hand-eye coordination is very important to the value of this item, so achieving that balance was key. And so much thought went into choosing colors for the icebergs and the glacier. There are so many shades of blue! I love the crystal clear blue we chose for the icebergs contrasted against the more pale blues of the glacier. I know these colors cannot compare to the exquisite array of shades in real glaciers, but I hope they inspire the imagination of future travelers and explorers.

I’d love to hear about projects you’ve done in schools with penguins. Maybe you’ve had your own March of the Penguins with my set. Or do you have a request for another penguin-inspired product? If so, I’m your gal. Please let me know!