Monday, November 22, 2010

Drop Side Cribs at Discount School Supply

Hello, my name is Michael Tsuchiura, and I am a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist here at Discount School Supply. In QA it is our job to gather feedback from customers about the performance of our products and to channel that feedback to the appropriate department; our goal is always to improve our products and the way we present them to our customers. QA is also the department responsible for ensuring that the products we offer to our customers meet state and federal safety regulations.

One product undergoing changes to its applicable safety regulations is the drop-side crib. In June of this year the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) proposed new crib standards to address issues inherent in the design of all drop-side cribs; to date these remain only proposals. A finalized standard is expected in early 2011. Though the exact date and method for the CPSC to impose these regulations are still unknown as I write this post, Discount School Supply is taking a proactive approach.

It is anticipated that preschools and child care programs will soon be required to discontinue the use of drop-side cribs in favor of a safer alternative. In response to the need for a safer crib, DSS now offers a new “drop-gate” style crib from Angeles ®. This crib consists of four stationary sides to create a safer environment for children, while still providing the same easy access as a drop-side crib. This access is achieved by a 6-inch fold-down gate located high on the front panel. The Angeles drop-gate cribs meet or exceed all ASTM and CPSC standards and the federal flammability standards for mattresses found in 16 CFR 1632 & 16 CFR 1633. These cribs may be viewed on the Discount School Supply web site at in three finishes: Product Code DC221 is a natural wood finish with two clear panels; DC222 is a natural wood finish with one clear and one mirrored panel; and DC226 is a white finish with two clear panels.

At this time, no one knows what will happen with drop-side cribs. We do offer our customers open communication and the promise to work hard to keep you updated. I hope you will continue to check back with us for updates as they become available. Our customer service department can also be reached at 800-627-2829, Monday through Friday from 6:00am until 5:00pm Pacific Time, to receive any crib inquiries, and we will have a representative respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. It has been an important year for cribs, and Discount School Supply is committed to making any necessary transition that may come as smooth as possible for our customers.

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