Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let Us Alert You To The Best Deals and Educational Resources at Discount School Supply!

Hi Discount School Supply Shoppers!

My name is Bret and I'm in charge of putting the best deals Discount School Supply has to offer in your email inbox. As the Email Marketing Specialist at Discount School Supply, it’s my job to alert you to opportunities to save big money on great products, show you sneak previews of brand new products, and point you to easy-to-use resources for your classroom or home.

But my job doesn't stop there. While low prices may entice you to open an email from us, we know that you're not always in the shopping mood. My job then becomes to provide you with other information relevant to you. For instance, if you've told us that you operate a Head Start classroom, I can email to tell you about recent updates to the Head Start Resource Center on our website. Or, if you are a parent of a young child, I would suggest you visit SmarterKids® Parent's Resources to help you strengthen the connection between school and home. Discount School Supply knows that each shopper has different needs, so we do our best to provide something for everyone!

My favorite feature, included weekly in emails to our email subscribers, is step-by-step educational activities. Sometimes the activities are fun arts & crafts that are great for an entire classroom of kids, or simply for the time between dinner and the bath. At other times, the activities are meant to augment your curriculum with a fun project to keep kids interested. It’s hard not to read through these activities and remember back to the classroom getting ready to cut some construction paper or opening a jar of paint for a fun craft.

It’s been fun telling you about my job! Help stay in touch by signing up for emails on our website and I’ll keep you informed of everything that’s happening at Discount School Supply.

Also, don’t forget to post a comment with suggestions of what you’d like to see in emails or on the Discount School Supply website

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