Monday, March 8, 2010

My Grandchildren's Favorite Discount School Supply Items

Hello, everyone! I’m Shirley, and I work at Discount School Supply in the Strategic Sales Department. Our department helps customers who have especially large orders or who are opening new classrooms or preschools. One benefit of my job at Discount School Supply is that my grandchildren are huge fans of our products.

Marshe’ is my 7-year-old granddaughter and her favorite activity is painting with our vibrant Colorations® paint. This paint works great with our White Sulphite Paper. The 12 x 18 size gives her lots of space to get creative. Marshe’ loves the outdoors, and she likes to make people laugh. Many of her drawings are of funny faces, which always make us laugh. We have so much fun doing something so simple. Her other drawings include rainbows, and green hills with apple trees that have big red apples.

My 2-year-old grandson Troy’s most recent adventure with our products is playing with a set of our new Super Stamper Classroom Pack. The stamps come in various familiar designs – shapes, pets, a car, a house and others. His favorite color of stamp pad is blue. Nothing else seems to matter when he’s stamping; I call it “getting into the zone!” I enjoy watching them both play because they stay very focused and, at the same time, they get so excited!

If you have children in your family, I encourage you to check out our user-friendly Discount School Supply web site or request a Discount School Supply catalog to place your order for these wonderfully creative items I’ve mentioned. There is lots of fun in store if you do!

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