Thursday, December 15, 2011

Angeles Value Line™ is a Real Value!

Hello, my name is Thom Parsons and I’m part of the Merchandising Team at Discount School Supply®. Part of my job as an Assistant Merchandising Coordinator is to help to select new furniture items for our catalogs. Our primary philosophy and objective when selecting any new products is always to provide Discount School Supply® customers with high quality products with exciting and innovative features and benefits at great prices!

Our new Angeles Value Line ™ Birch storage units definitely meet and exceed the objective listed above! Outstanding quality at low prices, with lots of exciting new features and benefits, made in the good old U.S.A., incredibly easy to assemble (more on that to follow), eco-friendly and shipped absolutely free within three days with a lifetime warranty!! How’s that for starters!!? Want more? Okay, allow me expand on everything listed above!

All Angeles® Value Line ™ Birch units feature a CLEERseal ™ UV Finish which is easy to clean, sanitizer-safe, eco-friendly, non-yellowing and resistant to stains, scratches, and abrasions. All Value Line™ Birch storage units are constructed of 5/8”-thick, 11-ply birch plywood, with smooth, rounded corners and edges for safety and fully finished wood-grained recessed back panels. All units include a kick plate that prevents items from rolling under the units. Mobile units come equipped with heavy-duty 2” casters making them easy to move around the classroom. All units have 14 ½” deep storage cubbies, perfect for books, games, toys and other classroom essentials! 

Okay, now back to the incredibly easy assembly. And I can speak to this first-hand because I was lucky enough to be the one chosen to assemble these units when they were shipped to my location for our photo shoots! All units are built using dowel-pin, cam-lock, bolted construction. What does this mean? It means practically no tools! All Angeles® Value Line ™ Birch units are shipped ready-to-assemble with easy-to-follow instructions and a small bag of connecting bolts, dowel-pins, cam-locks, and a single hex-wrench. That’s it! You won’t even need to open your toolbox! True story: the first sample unit we received for photography came without instructions (because it was a sample), and I was still able to fully assemble it in less than 10 minutes. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

Did I happen to mention eco-friendly? Besides the aforementioned CLEERseal ™ eco-friendly UV finish, all Angeles® Value Line ™ Birch units are GREENGUARD Children and Schools® Certified. Plus, all Value Line™ Birch units are shipped in packaging that is 100% recyclable! How’s that for eco-friendly!?

Check out our full selection of Angeles® Value Line ™ Birch storage units online at View the video and other images of any of the Value Line™ Birch units online. Additionally, several new Value Line™ Birch items are coming soon, including the narrow 3-shelf mobile storage unit; the 18”D x 35 ½” W x 62” H teacher’s storage cabinet; 15-, 20-, and 25-tray cubbie storage units shipped with opaque trays, and 5-packs of opaque cubbie trays made exclusively for our existing Value Line™ Birch units!

For more information, watch our video here:


  1. This is pretty awesome. Please check out our school supply kit blog.

  2. It used to be schools supplied pencils and paper. If crayons were needed you shared what the school had with other kids. Backpacks? You had a desk with storage or a locker (that last disappeared when people thought kids were selling marijuana out of the lockers).

    Most of this stuff isn’t necessary. If a notebook is needed for every subject then just buy a binder with pages that separate the subjects.