Monday, April 9, 2012

The Water Cooler

Curling up with a good book is my favorite spare time activity, but once in a while I ‘uncurl’ to do a little channel surfing. Since works of historical fiction are rarely a topic with my peers, I like to be in “in the know” on shows from “American Idol” to the “X Factor” so I do not feel left out during break-time conversations. Even at an age where I should know better, I want to fit in around the water cooler!

The desire to fit in is part of us at any age, but of course it is felt most strongly by teenagers. Over the past couple of years I have participated at conferences and expos focused on children with special needs, and I continually heard from the therapists and special education teachers of teens with special needs that, while those teens benefit from the same type of help and support directed to younger children, it is vital to offer this help and support in a way that recognizes the maturing interests and expanding horizons of the teens placed in their care. At Achievement Products®, we took that message to heart.

We reviewed our catalog’s content with a number of therapists who helped us identify products ideally suited to support teens in the following areas:

Core Strength-products that stimulate a teen’s natural motivation to move, while strengthening limb coordination, balance, judgment, and visual perception skills.

Life Skills & Socialization-products that assist with management of everyday life skills.

Academics-adaptive products to support classroom performance.

Art & Creativity-items that encourage creative experiences for self-expression and collaborative socialization.

Self-Regulation-options to engage in self-regulating behavior in a socially accepted manner.

Teen Cave-options for teens to individualize their sensory environment, to provide a space uniquely theirs to relax in and un-wind.

And we have had a wonderful response, including items that can be found in the Special Needs section of our Discount School Supply® catalog: the active sitting Sit Disc (AP9620J and AP9621J); assorted Physiorolls® (AP2055J, AP2057J, AP2058J) and Gymnastikballs® (AP20710J, AP20711J, AP20712J, AP20713J, AP20714J, AP20716J); fidgets such as the Tangles (AP1290J, AP2900J and AP3300J); and Slant Boards (AP5368J and AP5368J).

We invite you to take a look at our entire teen collection in Achievement Products®, and we want to hear from you at this ‘Water Cooler’ that is our blog site! Please share what resources, services or products have helped the teens in your care to succeed as they grow, mature, and expand their horizons.

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