Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get Creative with Oodles of Nuudles™!

My name is Kathi Shane. I have been the administrative assistant for the Outside Sales Department for over ten years. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure that our sales representatives have the products they need for their conferences, workshops and sales calls. That’s why I was excited about the opportunity to share Magic Nuudles™ (GNTNDL) with my daughter-in-law, Kim. She teaches a class of energetic three-year-old children in Southern California, and she is always looking for new ideas for art projects.
I wish I could have been in her classroom to experience the joy first-hand, but her pictures confirm that the children loved this product. Have you ever played with the white packing peanuts that accompany your on-line purchases? Magic Nuudles™ are similar in appeal but they offer lots more fun. Just ask the kids! They loved this colorful, earth-friendly medium made from cornstarch.

You can decorate or build most anything with them. No glue or tape is required, simply moisten Nuudles™ lightly and press them together to create interesting shapes and designs.

I encourage you to experience the same excitement with your children. Beautiful rainbows, silly hats, unique shapes……….

Your imagination is the only limit to your Nuudles™ creation……….Enjoy!

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