Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome from Ron Elliott, Founder of Discount School Supply

Hello and welcome to our new Discount School Supply blog. I founded Discount School Supply knowing that I could provide fast delivery, superior quality, and friendly service all at a price that beat our competition. 23 years later the over 250 people who now make up Discount School Supply share my initial commitment. Read further, get to know the dedicated employees of Discount School Supply and you’ll discover why Discount School Supply is the best place for all your early childhood needs. While our prices are lower, our delivery faster and our quality second-to-none, it’s the employees of Discount School Supply that will really make the difference in where you choose to buy your early childhood products.


  1. Really excellent company! I have been a customer of Discount School Supply for many years, probably since the beginning of the company. I owned my own preschool in NY, and now work for a large daycare center in South Florida. I recommend your company to all of my associates- excellent customer service and quality products with reasonable prices. You must be so proud of what you created. Thanks! Iris Tompkins (

  2. Welcome to DePapers - writing service discounts website. We are excited to have you here and looking forward to hearing more about your story. Thank you for your commitment to helping teachers and parents save money while providing quality products for the classroom.

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