Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing Discount School Supply: CIRCLE TIME

My name is Judy McGuinn; I am President of Discount School Supply and the editor of this blog, which is being authored by the members of our staff. We have “opened the doors” of Discount School Supply to teachers and families of young children, and we invite you inside. In the current environment, it’s very important to us to enhance the ways we work together so that we can continue to do our very best to support the education of young children.

For over two decades, Discount School Supply has been the major “discounter” in early childhood classroom supplies. Especially in times like this when people are choosing to shop at stores like Target and Walmart to make their dollars go further, we offer you a similar discount destination in preschool supplies. We compete with retail stores which offer educational products because we consistently deliver within 2 days – and we deliver product specifically intended for use by young children. You can shop from our catalogs or on our websites. The cornerstone of DSS is that we reliably offer you high quality products at the best possible prices. Consistent high quality is our first mission. You can count on it. Low prices are our promise; we offer a 110% price guarantee to back that up.

We know that the early childhood education community has always been woefully under-funded. That is true now, more than ever before, with tuitions dropping as a direct result of lost jobs. So let our products and our prices work for you!

We also offer a wide variety of free resources. If you are a teacher whose class list is shrinking because parents are keeping children at home, we know you want those parents to continue working with their children. You’ll find lots of activities on our websites that parents can use.

Here are two links:
Teacherquicksource and discountschoolsupply (click on My Community). The activities are easy to follow, and they include a reference to the developmental area the activity supports. We created these resources for the benefit of teachers, but the language we’ve used is not so “academic” that non-educators will feel lost. The products that are available to you are available to families, too. There are also many articles full of useful information at earlyhildhoodnews. We know that children will return to preschools as parents return to work, but both parents and children need some help in the interim.

We all have the long-term goal of providing more quality developmental support to children from infancy to kindergarten. It’s incredibly disappointing that progress we were seeing at the state level in 2007 has been felled by deficits and other economic pressures. So we need to look for solutions that still work because children continue to need the support, despite the condition of the economy. We want to help teachers and parents as much as we can.

Do you have suggestions or experiences you can share? If so, we would really appreciate hearing from you. We hope you’ll visit us often and get to know Discount School Supply and its staff. We look forward to getting to know you.

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