Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Ways to Find Savings!

Hi, my name is Howard and I work with the Discount School website.

Part of my job is to help craft the promotions and sales you see in our emails and on our
website. With the new Discount School website, we now have even more ways to show you the amazing breadth of offers from Discount School Supply. The new website allows for us to show even more rotating banners on the homepage. You can be sure to see a variety of offerings on the homepage at any given time. If that weren't enough, next to and beneath the rotating banner you'll see even more of what we have to offer at Discount School, including products for children with Special Needs, Common-Allergen-Free Products, Free Activities, Clearance and Multi-Cultural Resources, with an assortment of Bi-Lingual Products.

Now, here's a tip for finding the best prices every day: on the top of the
Discount School website is a button labeled "Shop". Behind this button you'll find a wealth of Special Offers from Discount School Supply. Keep on visiting the Discount School Supply website for more incredible ways to save, and as always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the website. What do you love? What would you love to see in future releases?

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