Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go Science! with Discount School Supply

How much fun is exploring nature? With bug catchers? With binoculars? With a magnifying glass?

Exploring nature is fun for any age, but for my kids it’s an absolute blast! I’m Brooke Higgins, Brand Marketing Manager for Discount School Supply. I have two children: ages 3 and 5. Over the past few months I have purchased several items from our science
section in the Curriculum Supplements to use with my kids.

I started with some Bug Observation Boxes (8WWOBSET)and some Small Gotcha Nets (8WWNETS). We took them out to the forest near our home and starting hunting for critters. By just turning over one log we were able to observe tons of little crawlers. We caught a couple salamanders and beetles and placed them in our boxes with some sticks, leaves and other items from the natural habitat. My kids decided on some names for our new friends and we spent some time watching them do their thing. After a short time we returned the critters back to their original homes.

Later, I picked up some Mini Binoculars (8WWBINOC) so I could take my kids bird watching and star gazing. What fun! I took my own binoculars along for the hike but I found the Mini Binoculars clearer and easier to manage. Perhaps I need to pick up a set for myself!

Our latest adventure was with the Wonder Eye Jumbo Magnifiers – Set of 3 (8WWBIGEYE). After a recent rainfall here on the Monterey Peninsula, we headed out to Point Lobos State Reserve for a short hike magnifiers in hand, we inspected nature extremely close up. Due to the recent rains, there was a tremendous abundance of mushrooms. We were careful not to get too close to the poisonous mushrooms—really only poisonous if you ingest them—but we still examined them with our magnifying glasses. Up close, you get a special appreciation for something as seemingly dull as fungus.

In all, it has been great fun exploring nature with some simple and very affordable items from Discount School Supply. Up next, we may have to bring nature indoors with a Root-Vue Farm®! (8WWROOT)


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