Friday, February 4, 2011

Crib Update from Discount School Supply

Hello, my name is Michael Tsuchiura, and I am a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist here at Discount School Supply. Our goal is always to improve our products and the way we present them to our customers. Quality Assurance is also the department responsible for ensuring that the products we offer meet state and federal safety regulations. In a previous blog posted November 22, 2010 I wrote about pending crib regulations from the CPSC. Now that the new standard has been adopted, I would like to give you an update.

On December 15, 2010 the CPSC passed new crib safety regulations. The regulations impacted those who manufacture and sell cribs, and also businesses that use cribs in their facilities. These changes leave many customers wondering what to do to comply with the regulations. Discount School Supply has received queries from customers who have been given conflicting information, even from their state and local enforcement agencies. As you can imagine it is important to have the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Companies that manufacture, sell or distribute cribs in the marketplace have until June 28, 2011 to comply with the new crib safety standards. After that date, no manufacturer may sell cribs that do not comply with the December 15 standards. According to the CPSC cribs already in use at child care facilities, family child care homes, and places of public accommodation affecting commerce (e.g. hotels and motels) are approved for use through December 28, 2012. So, although new cribs must be compliant as of June 15, 2011, old cribs can still be used for about another 18 months until December 28, 2012.

Drop-side cribs have been banned within the new standards. But drop-side cribs are not the only type of cribs that have undergone a change in standards and require replacement by December 28, 2012. Though a lot of attention has been paid to drop-side cribs, all cribs in commerce are affected by the new standards. These new standards include improvements to the structural integrity of all cribs, require more stringent testing of component parts and eliminate the use of certain construction methods common to many different styles of cribs. Additionally there were new requirements added to ensure that cribs have new warning labels and notices to parents and care providers. All of theses changes mean that, even if you do not have a drop-side crib, you still may have a crib that is not in compliance with the new regulation. To find answers to more frequently-asked-questions check out our new Crib FAQs to get more information about the CPSC crib regulations.

At Discount School Supply we have been working hard to ensure that our cribs will comply with all of the new requirements. The models of the Angeles Compact Adjustable Cribs (DC203, DC204 and DC207) and the Angeles Drop-Gate Cribs DC221, DC222, and DC226 shipping now meet the requirements in ASTM F406-10A and the new federal crib safety standard.

It is our promise to keep you well-informed, and it is my hope that you check back with us for any updates or questions you may still need answers for. Our customer service department can be reached at 800-627-2829, Monday through Friday from 6:00am until 5:00pm Pacific Time, to receive any crib inquiries.

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