Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donate to Relief Efforts for Japan!

Hello, my name is Calista and I am the Administrative Coordinator here at Discount School Supply. Like you, we at Discount School Supply have been following the terrible reports following the massive earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, triggering multiple aftershocks and a tsunami, as well as the problems surrounding Japan’s nuclear emergency. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

At DSS, we have been asking how we can help the children who are homeless and have lost their schools. It is clear that Japan will be working for a very long time to restore the quality of life for its people after the earthquake, the tsunami and the subsequent nuclear emergency. Since the quake, the people of Japan have been responding to the crises with the aid of many humanitarian organizations working on multiple levels.

One of the organizations reaching out to help is UNICEF, a name we have known in this country for more than 60 years. UNICEF works in more than 150 countries, providing children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency relief, and more. The organization’s mission is to reduce child mortality worldwide by giving children the essentials for a safe and healthy childhood.

Because Japan is a national donor to UNICEF, it is interesting that Japan has not previously been a recipient of UNICEF assistance, simply because Japan’s economy has historically been so strong. Now, UNICEF considers it a privilege to be able to show Japan the same generosity and empathy they have consistently shown others in need.

UNICEF staff in Japan has identified some initial areas in need of support:
Re-opening of school activities in time for the new school year, which begins in early April. Set up temporary schools using school-in-a-box, which provides supplies to set up a temporary school for at least 40 children during times of emergency.
Setting up of child-friendly spaces, with provisions of locally prepared recreation kits.
Delivering humanitarian assistance in the health, nutrition, education, child protection and logistics sectors.

Discount School Supply wants to enable our early childhood education community do to its part to help. This is the program we will offer to support UNICEF in its effort to help children in Japan.

From March 29 to April 5, Discount School Supply will offer a 15% discount on all items available on its website at, with a portion of the revenue during that period being donated to UNICEF. This program includes a discount to assist our valued customers in the US who are facing challenges of their own, and will also allow us all to reach out to help children in Japan. Shop anytime from March 29th through April 5th on our Discount School Supply website and use source code 15PCENT to have a portion of your purchase donated to UNICEF! Whether you are a frequent customer or are visiting Discount School Supply for the first time, shopping during this time will bring an added benefit to those in need in Japan.

In the past, our staff and customers have shown a moving generosity in giving to those in need. We hope you will join us to meet this new challenge. Thank you.


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