Thursday, May 31, 2012

Using Art to Celebrate Diversity!

My name is Francine Towbridge, and I am an Account Manager for the Washington D.C. area. I take pleasure in working with customers who really love our Discount School Supply® products!

The United States is a very diverse country. I happily reside in a suburb of Washington D.C., and I live in an exciting community with a beautiful mosaic of people and cultures. We all know that technology propels the world and because of the internet we are a global society. Therefore, it is important that children learn lessons of appreciation and tolerance for those that are different from them. Do you remember the Ray Stevens song “Everything Is Beautiful”? It is a song of unity, and it celebrates diversity and the beauty of all people.

The value of art expands beyond theories of color and design. Like music, art projects can be used to teach children valuable lessons of appreciation and tolerance for other cultures. You can celebrate diversity by making beautiful diverse people with Colorations® Multicultural Dough (MDS). I’m inspired by the Ray Stevens song, so I call this activity the Everyone’s Beautiful Art Project!

This project will encourage children to take pride in their own cultural identity while gaining respect and appreciation for others. I believe the children’s positive attitude toward others will help promote peace and harmony in your classroom!

The multicultural dough is affordably priced and it comes in six skin tone colors. It’s non-toxic, does not crumble, and is soft and pliable. It gives children an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and experience making 3-dimensional art. Also, you will be happy to know that it does not stain surfaces and hands.

The Everyone’s Beautiful Art Project is simple and fun. I found a cute picture on the internet of dough people. In addition to the Colorations® Multicultural Dough you will need paper plates (DIXIE), wiggly eyes (100C), and Colorations® Classic Dough (BVRD). The paper plate serves as your canvas, and you use the multicultural dough to form the faces. The classic dough can be used for making hair, jewelry, etc. Have fun celebrating diversity with this project, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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