Thursday, June 14, 2012

Experiment with Our Large Sunprint® Kit!

My name is Carol Marquez, and I work in the Inside Sales Department here at Discount School Supply®. I take pleasure in my job as an Account Manager and working with customers who also enjoy the many products of Discount School Supply®.

Many times here in the Sales Department we enjoy playing & experimenting with our products.

Recently I tried out the Discount School Supply® Sunprint® Kit (BIGSUN). Since I enjoy photography I thought this would be an interesting experience in creating images using light sensitized paper and the use of sunlight. I was surprised with how fun and easy this project was and what great outcomes; learning about the sun, energy, shapes, science and more.

I experimented with different objects by placing them on the sun art paper, waiting a couple of minutes, and I noticed how images were being created with sunlight and how shadows created partial images too. After rinsing under water, it was exciting to see how the final prints were emerging. After trying sunflowers, plants, leafs and shells, I found the more intricate the object the more detailed a print would arise. The results were great and fascinating pictures!

This is a great outdoor project for any age for experimenting creatively and I would highly recommend trying the large Sunprint® Kit as a fun activity! Be sure to view the video about this product and ideas using the Sunprint® Kit at

Or, you can watch our video now by clicking below!

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