Thursday, August 9, 2012

Construct Instantly Without Adhesives!

Hello! I’m Shirley Daniel and I’m an Account Manager here at Discount School Supply®. As a member of the Inside Sales team - and a rep for five states - I am often called upon to recommend multi-use, “budget- friendly” products for the preschool classroom. One of the most versatile arts and craft products in our catalog is Bright Magic Nuudles™ (BN). A great open-ended craft material, Bright Magic Nuudles™ are lightweight – made from corn starch – and they are wood-free and biodegradable.

They can be used to make creative constructions or to add fun dimension to drawings or collage projects. The possibilities are endless and the results are as unique as the junior artists creating them. Their bright colors stimulate the imagination and inspire a variety of inventive creations.

Just dampen Magic Nuudles™ with water and they stick together – so no glue or tape has to be used. Also, they can be broken or cut into smaller pieces or shaped by hand, which means they can be used safely by even the youngest artists.

Their use is not just limited to art projects and construction. They can be used for color and size matching activities - or they can be a fun math manipulative, perfect for patterning, sequencing, sorting or counting activities.

Another great feature - they do not contain the following common allergens: Latex, Dairy & Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut or Tree Nuts.

I highly recommend adding Bright Magic Nuudles™ to your next order, and you will see imagination take flight in a flurry of colorful, creative fun!

Watch the video below for more information!


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