Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colorations® Best Value Dough Is Versatile!

My name is Barbara Wolfmueller, and I am the North Carolina Account Manager for Discount School Supply®. I’ve been working with DSS for over nine years now and have really grown to love the early childhood education community and discovering ways in which our customers use our proprietary products. It gives me great pleasure to hear such positive comments about the quality of our products and how early childhood programs and students throughout the state of North Carolina benefit from our materials.

One of my favorite products is our Colorations® Best Value Dough (BVRD). It has a very smooth texture and doesn’t feel sticky to the touch. It comes in large three-pound re-sealable containers, and the set is available in bright classic colors that make it fun for children to play with. The set is also economically priced, which is an added bonus when so many of our public schools, Smart Start Partnerships and childcare programs have been affected by the state’s budget cuts.

My niece Lynsey recently moved to Raleigh, NC from Buffalo, NY and took a position with an early childhood center as a Pre-K teacher. In her position, she uses play dough frequently for teaching cooperative play by dividing the dough into smaller pieces, children can learn the importance of sharing with each other. The dough can be shaped, poked, squeezed and manipulated in many ways. It really gives children the opportunity for self-expression in their play.

One of the lessons that Lynsey likes to teach is asking her kids to use the dough to shape different letters or numbers. Sometimes her lessons using dough are structured, and, at other times, she allows her kids to create one of their favorite pets or objects.

Using our clay cutting tools (CLAYSET) and rollers (DOROLL), her children can use their little fingers and wrists to manipulate the dough, which improves their manual dexterity and strengthens their grip. Colorations® Best Value Dough also fosters hand-eye coordination, helping a child’s brain to take shape. It’s really a diverse product and makes a tremendous impact in her classroom each day.

For a fun and versatile product that children will enjoy in their classroom I highly recommend our Colorations® Best Value Dough. The price will fit easily into your budget!

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