Thursday, September 6, 2012

IncredibleFoam® Dough: Delightful, No Mess Art

Hello, I am Anna Reyner and I am the Southern California Account Manager for Discount School Supply®. I love learning about new art products and teaching children and preschool teachers about new art techniques in the classroom. Here is one of my favorite Discount School Supply® products!

Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough (FOAMMIX) is a light modeling compound (think substitute for clay) that’s wonderful to touch, squish, and sculpt into 3-dimensional art. It comes in dozens of colors and it’s an inspiration for creative young minds, like 4-year-old Jordan pictured here. Does he look proud of himself or what? Jordan came up with this idea on his own, by pressing several colors of IncredibleFoam® Dough onto an 11" x 17” piece of construction paper, then later gluing down the pieces with white glue so they’d stick.

Colorations® IncredibleFoam® Dough also makes a great small group activity, as illustrated by this collaborative artwork. A small cluster of school- age students created a picture by working together and pressing IncredibleFoam® Dough onto the tabletop where they were seated. Each child was given a different color of IncredibleFoam® Dough to start, and they were asked to work cooperatively to decide on a theme and create one unified picture. I loved the result, as well as the teamwork it inspired.

Other 3-D figures and sculptures can be created in simple or more complex fashion, depending on a child’s age and interests. We’ve created them here on paper plates so they’re easier to carry around, and they can later be glued down onto the paper if desired.

Whether you apply IncredibleFoam® Dough to paper, or shape it into a freestanding 3-D sculpture, it looks great and is always easy and fun to work with. And did I mention it doesn’t make a mess? IncredibleFoam® Dough is clean, soft, and mess-free, yet it’s also completely open ended so it brings out children’s natural creativity. Plus, it never dries out, even if you forget to bag up the leftovers. Experiment with it yourself, and you’ll find that IncredibleFoam® Dough holds lots of discoveries. It even floats! Imagine making little boats for your sand and water table, or combine it with collage elements like the Shining Star Rhinestones, Sparkle Stem pipe cleaners, and Colorations® Washable School Glue pictured below.

The IncredibleFoam® Dough Classroom Pack is my favorite, since the color cubes are a delight to look at and easy to distribute. But, you can also purchase IncredibleFoam® Dough in a larger Set of 7 Basic Colors or a smaller Sampler Pack. However you try it, you’re guaranteed a lot of active learning and pure sensory delight!

Watch the video below for more ideas:

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